Hanging Orchid

Hanging Orchid

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Hanging on a character filled piece of raw wood, this piece can look beautiful against a wall or free hanging.



Your orchid with thrive in typical sub tropical conditions where there is filtered bright light (but not direct sunlight), humidity and warmth with a minimum of cold draughts. 



Whilst in flower, water your orchid weekly and heavily. Let the water drench the roots, and then drain freely. It will benefit from this deep and thorough watering so long as it's allowed to dry out afterward. Orchids with wet roots are susceptible to root rot and other problems, so please don’t kill it with kindness! Lightly mist the air with water, more to provide humidity in the air than to give her a drink. The green moss will also benefit from this treatment.


Orchid blooms will last longer if you can provide a mild, warm and somewhat humid environment. They are found typically growing on trees; their roots are water-gathering organs that needs loads of fresh air flow to be healthy. Don't place your orchid where it will experience cold drafts or exposure to direct sunlight, air-conditioners or heating vents. Very dry air, direct heat, and chills are the enemies of your flowers.