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Calathea Rufibarba

Calathea are very decorative tropical plants with attractive undulating long leaves with a striking purple underside. The leaves stand stiffly away from the main plant; look closely and you will notice that they change position slightly during the day in response to changes in temperature and humidity.


Do not place your Calathea in direct sunlight, otherwise he will lose his markings. Aim for filtered light indoors, or a sheltered and shaded outdoor position.


Your Calathea will benefit from high humidity and being kept moist. 

When your plant is considerably lighter in weight, simply submerge the entire ball in a bucket of water. Leave it there for about ten minutes until the ball is completely engorged and no longer floats; this way you can be ensured that the water is reaching the roots and with a good soaking your plant will not need watering as often. 

Proper ventilation is necessary and to maintain a humid atmosphere, give him a  light mist in-between watering, especially in the warmer months.Do keep in mind, if your plant is in the wind, air-conditioning or heating it will need watering more often.

Approximately once a month, provide added nutrients with a little liquid fertilizer added to the water. This will help maintain a lush, healthy green growth.


Includes rustic tripod wooden stand