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Asplenium nidus

The  Birds Nest Fern makes for an easy-care houseplant with striking broad leafed foliage bringing a structural element to indoor design. Gorgeous forest floor mosses and rustic paper bark provide texture and intrigue. 


Birds nest ferns grow best in medium to low indirect light. They are great as an indoor feature or as an outdoor patio plant. The light will affect how crinkled the leaves are; one that receives more light, for example, will have more crinkled leaves, while less light results in flatter leaves. Too much light or direct light will cause the fronds on bird’s nest fern to yellow and die.


Under ideal circumstances, all ferns would like to have consistently moist, but not wet, soil. However, this plant may forgive you if you are a little forgetful; it will tolerate soil that dries out from time to time. Just don't make a habit out of it! It also does not require the same level of humidity as that of most other kinds of ferns.

When your plant is considerably lighter in weight, simply submerge the entire root ball in a bucket of water. Leave it there for about ten minutes until the moss-ball is completely engorged and no longer floats; this way you can be ensured that the water is reaching the roots and with a good soaking your birds nest fern should only need watering about once a week. 

Proper ventilation is necessary for good plant growth and your plant will appreciate a light mist in-between watering, especially in the warmer months or in drying conditions like wind, air-conditioning or heating.

Approximately once a month, provide added nutrients with a little liquid fertilizer added to the water. This will help maintain a lush, healthy green growth.



Includes rustic tripod wooden stand