:the mezzanine: gallery space

The upstairs space of the Old Butter Factory : the mezzanine : has a reverence and luminosity that has to experienced to be truly understood. Taking a fresh approach to displaying fine art, the beautiful pared back walls of the space form a raw and earthy backdrop to the art. Stunning windows flood the space with natural light, its softness a beautiful compliment to the subject matter. The mesmerizing energy from downstairs sets the mood and provides the perfect entry point.   

Together with artist and curator, Michelle Bowden, Entangle – living art often plays host to a handful of talented artists each month. Group exhibitions are themed; art-works are carefully curated.

Solo exhibitions also take place on :the mezzanine:

Submissions for Solo exhibitions or to take part in our curated and themed group exhibitions can be made via the "contact us" page. Please provide links with examples of your work.

:the mezzanine: is open 10 – 4pm, Wednesday - Sunday


Solo exhibition by Carolyne D'Arcy, "Mood Chasing" is a colorful collection of stunning paintings in a variety of mediums. 
Carolyne's signature style of colorful blending figurative and landscape expressionism includes oils,watercolor,acrylic and pastel pencil.


Into the woods...that mysterious place. It's dark and cool. A place to escape or a place to hide. 
A group exhibition.
Exhibiting artists:
Catherine Reason Macauley 
Darren Trebilco
Kylie Stevens
Leigh-Ann Rohde
Lin Stanton
Nola Atkins
Michelle Bowden
Robyn Erskine
Tish Linehan



"This world is but a canvas to our imagination" Henry David Thoreau 

Join us for live art in the bamboo courtyard. 
Exhibiting artists:
Lin Stanton 
Gayle Reichelt 
Murray Dunlop
Nectaria Hatzipetrou
Michelle Bowden 
Bec Findlay


The "Cornucopia" exhibition is all about abundance - full of texture, line and colour.
Featuring art by:
Deb Walker
Lyne Tilt
Tina Dinte
Georgette Schwantes
Sharyn Talbot
Michelle Bowden


Mist Horses Photographic Exhibition

Solo Photographic Exhibition by Bec Patrick. 
Inspired by the landscape around her home and the way it changes every single day, the ebb and flow of the seasons, different times, the moods and the colours.

Her images are a reflection of looking at our own mists, taking stock of ourselves and how we find solace, by releasing the self imposed bindings, preconceptions, fears and limitations.


Depictions of the nude. Nude - our raw and natural state.
Helen Shaw
Cecilia Hine
Michelle Christie
Michelle Bowden
Amy de Oliveira


The Heart Felt exhibition is about the genuine, the familiar, the comfortable, feelings of belonging and what fills your heart.

Featuring the work of:
Corrina McLauglin
Kirsten Bailey
Michelle Bowden
Shannon Voss
Tim Reichelt
Wendy Bailye 
Campfire Wood Craft


Our first solo exhibition by the talented Gayle Reichelt. Gayle works in many mediums, and this time is showcasing her beautiful resin artworks.


Community - A group or population living and interacting with one another in a particular environment.
A natural community can be small and local, as in a pond or tree, or regional or global, as in a biome.
Or in the case of people a village, a city or a country....
It's the spirit of community that makes the difference.

An inspired collection of works by:

  • Randy DeGraw
  • Vicki Daniel
  • Keren Robert 
  • Lindy Rae
  • Casey Charles
  • Michelle Bowden 


  • Gayle Reichelt
  • John Chapman
  • Michelle Bowden
  • Dan Webb
  • Annie McIntosh


Origins - the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived. 


  • Wendy Rix 
  • Luke Mancini
  • Lynette Tilt
  • Michelle Bowden
  • Deana Odeh
  • Gaye Tait


Earthy, solid, stable and unpretentious. 

  • Michelle Bowden 
  • Nola Atkins
  • Christina Milton


In the spirit of Spring, :the mezzanine: comes alive with images of beautiful flowers in full bloom. 

Cecilia Hine
Vonny K (Yvonne Kennedy)
Cecily Slade
Michelle Bowden
David Atkins


The ELEMENTAL exhibition show cased a mixture of mediums from a selection of artists:
Pertaining to the principles of nature - the physical and the intangible - relating to the four elements, earth, water, air, and fire.
Michael Cheshire
Chrissy Milton
Terina Smith
Michelle Bowden
Nola Atkins
Grace Cross