At home in the beautiful Old Butter Factory in the historic town of Dayboro, Entangle-living art offers an eclectic mix of vintage allure, botanic flamboyance and good old country charm – all in a design-fueled destination.

The Entangle journey has grown organically. As we listen to our visitors and take cues from the building itself, we draw on our passion and strengths to bring an inspiring environmental eminence rarely celebrated and warmly embraced.

Advocating our commitment to the slow tradition of hand craftsmanship, we unearth the defining characteristics of either natural or recycled materials to include eco-friendly artisan home-wares, furniture, art, lush indoor plants and bespoke living artwork. We have invited like-minded artisans to contribute to our story, all with the commonality of great design and a love of the environment. The guiding theme of Entangle-living art, `Feel at Home´, is about creating a complete feeling of well-being through mindful appreciation. The result is a creative feast for the senses at every turn; elements to produce extraordinary and inspiring living and celebration spaces. 

Our undertaking is simple; to blend and integrate environmental consciousness, creativity and individuality into all that we are. Together we have imagined, created and established a company that helps to showcase the beauty of individualism and nature, of juxtaposed points of interest and bespoke artisan pieces.

Entangle operates as a “living art” conceptual interior design store, resplendent with lush indoor plants and artistic inspiration at every turn. But that’s not all. Upstairs, :the mezzanine: plays homage to talented artists as we curate monthly themed art exhibitions. We also offer up the beautiful old butter factory for photographers to capture the magic and allure of the space. Weekly workshops engage all who participate, playing with all manner of methods and mediums to release ones inner awesome. And the pièce de résistance – with exquisite attention to detail and focus on your vision, we present artisan inspired events. Ever dream of celebrating somewhere totally unique; completely private; absolutely captivating? Here's your chance!

Check out our ENTANGLED EVENTS website HERE.

Come visit us and let us inspire and ignite your creative spirit.