About us

The story starts as when crazy, head in the clouds visual art student falls in love with a free spirited surfer dude and his dog, Yunki. For no other reason that they had to earn an income, David became a Chef whilst Nola continued to get her arty on and doubled as a waitress when need be. Fast forward a few years, a marriage and three darling children later, David’s enjoyment and reputation as Chef escalated. The world of hospitality tends to take a grip on you and throw you in all sorts of directions; and so begun the roller coaster ride of restaurant managing, café owning, and ultimately Resort Managing. All woven delicately into the web of life, love, art and family.

Creatives at heart, it is no wonder that event management - mainly weddings - ended up playing a big part in both Nola and David’s careers. It’s a rewarding game, and they played it well, long and often.

When it was time for a change, they did a full flip, put it “out there”, smelt the rain and got their Zen on. Aspiring to bring the outdoors in and to put natures art work on the proverbial pedestal, and after months of playing with and developing the Japanese art-form of Kokedama, it was time to hit the markets and see what others thought. The response was overwhelming, and so begun the bi-weekly trek to the markets. It was fun, but not enough. When the search begun for a character filled building that “spoke to them”, it was just simply meant to be when they stumbled on the recently restored Old Butter Factory in the gorgeous little rural town of Dayboro. In fact, after seeing the add on Gumtree, they drove out, met the owner and got half way home before turning the car and going back to sign the lease. The grand old lady, the Butter Factory, is all and more that they were hoping for. The initial plan was to use it as a workshop with the possibility of opening the doors to all who passed by. Here, though presented a further opportunity to shine the spotlight on a handful artists who share their passion for the environment and original, hand crafted artisan wares. For David and Nola, they continue to integrate the raw integrity of nature and discover new ways to showcase the beauty of plants! Entangle exists as a “living art” conceptual interior design store, resplendent with lush indoor plants, bespoke living artwork, natural and recycled artisan homewares, furniture and artwork. People love to visit and get lost in the tranquillity and reverence of the space.

The Butter Factory continues to cast her spell. She has so much to offer, and so too do David and Nola. Upstairs, on :the mezzanine: Nola partners with artist Michelle Bowden to bring monthly curated and themed art exhibitions. David and Nola share their passions and skills in weekly workshops. And the most exciting of all, (I guess thirty years in hospitality never leaves you for good), hold on to your hats Dayboro, ENTANGLED EVENTS is Entangle-living art's sister business, and we are abuzz with the possibilities!