We have taken the art of Kokedama to a new level, developing our own technique and crafting our moss balls into larger spheres than what is typical. We form our moss ball by hand with the finest of materials to nurture the plant to be its very best. The process involves slightly trimming the plant roots (likened to Bonsai), and encasing the roots in a nutrient rich mud ball of peat moss, and our own premium specifically blended potting mixture. The root ball is gently encased in a good layer of sphagnum moss which helps keep the roots cool and moist. Sometimes we use other goodies from the forest floor and paperbark to give it an “Aussie” touch. The entire ball is wrapped in a quality twine that will stand the test of time.


Due to the nature of this product, it is only possible to deliver to the Brisbane metropolitan area. Even then, adequate and affordable delivery options are limiting. We highly advise, where at all possible that you visit us at our beautiful Dayboro Butter Factory showroom where you will have a wealth of options and inspiration. We are open all weekend and are a short country drive from Brisbane.