Kokedama Workshops!

When we stumbled upon the Japanese art-form of Kokedama, we knew we had found something special. We researched, experimented, played, grew…fell in love. And now, in the form of regular workshops we give you our own version of popular techniques. What fun to integrate with the raw integrity of nature and discover new ways to showcase the beauty of plants!

We aspire to bring the outdoors in; to put natures art work on the proverbial pedestal. To get dirt under our nails, sand between our toes, to smell the rain and get our Zen on. We are having a ball and feeling great about it! We have found a place to let our energy and passion resonate in the pieces that we create. It is wonderful being surrounded by healthy, happy plants all day and it is our hope that by sharing our craft, that you will feel healthy and happy too!

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